Light Fest Vega Baja

November 4th - 10th

Missions Trip Opportunities

1 Week: Nov 2th-11th

For this Trip you will be going to Puerto Rico for one week. You will be able to serve with the Cita Life team and make an eternal impact in Vega Baja. There will be several things that you will be able to do:

  • Going evangelizing on the streets
  • Flyering door to door
  • Ministering at the Revival services for the Churches on different teams
    • Security
    • Altar Workers
    • Prayer/Intercession
  • Ministering at the Outdoor part of the Crusade on different teams
    • Registration
    • Kid's Team
    • Security
    • Altar Workers
    • Prayer/Intercession 

Missions Trip Application

Please Fill out the application forms below along with the non-refundable $50.00 USD processing fee and send it to our US offices.

Cita Ministries Inc.

PO Box 953696,

Lake Mary, FL 32795