Reach The Last Tribe

In Ethiopia and its neighboring countries there are many tribes that are completely unreached or for the major part have never heard the liberating good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Moslems have set their goal to go to these tribes before the Christians can get there. Their mission is running at high speed!! The problem is that it is much harder to reach the people with the gospel once Islam has already taken root.  In this case, they are usually very hostile towards Christians and will be persecuted if they decide to accept Christ. We are literally running against the clock!!! 

We urgently need missionaries to bring in the harvest, willing to pay the price! At the moment, every hand is needed on deck! We believe that we can only be successful if we all work together.  We have many local missionaries who are willing to go, but we also need Western missionaries. 

Perhaps you cannot go yourself, but you could participate in a practical way in the planting of a new church in Africa. We are praying for partners who would sponsor a church plant or a monthly food basket for a missionary.