Code of Conduct

Light Fest is all about spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the communities that need Him the most. We strive to work with excellence, integrity and love in all that we do. With that in mind, we have laid out our expectations of anyone volunteering for a Light Fest Event. We respectfully ask you to look over the guidelines below and prayerfully commit to coming into agreement with us, as we honor God by helping a lost and hurting world. Thank you for your willingness to serve and for joining us in bringing in the end-time harvest of souls.

As a Team Member of a Light Fest Outreach, I agree to the following:


  • I will accept responsibility to represent Light Fest and Cita Life with professionalism and dignity at all times.


  • I will conduct myself in a courteous and respectful manner towards those whom I am serving, as well as fellow Team Members. I will also be joyful and serve others with gladness.


  • I will respect, adhere to and enforce all rules, policies and guidelines established by Cita Life Management and Team Leaders.


  • I will not to take part in any inappropriate behavior or have a negative attitude that causes strife with Team Members or Team Leaders.


  • I will refrain from alcohol/tobacco use while participating in a Light Fest Outreach.


  • I will not carry any type of weapon, or anything that could be considered a weapon, while volunteering for Light Fest.


  • Cita Life, Inc., is not liable for any damage or harm done by an unauthorized weapon. Any Volunteer found with a weapon may be asked to leave the event.


  • I will provide for my own transportation and lodging during Light Fest.


  • I will minimize my cell phone usage during events.


  • I will care for and manage all property and equipment both owned or borrowed by Light Fest with respect and operate machinery and vehicles in a safe and responsible manner.


  • I give Light Fest permission to use any pictures and videos of me for publication after the event. 


  • I understand that failure to adhere to this code, or participation in other inappropriate conduct as determined by the Team Leader or Crusade Director, may lead to being removed from the Outreach Staff and/ or being prohibited from participation in future Light Fest events.