About Us

Chris Franz is one of those rare individuals who knew at an early age what God was calling him to do for the rest of his life. Franz admits he understood at age six or seven “God was going to use me.”
And mightily, as a matter of fact. Chris began preaching at age 16 in Africa. Being the son of German Missionaries, Martin and Hilde Franz, who spent 39 years on the continent of Africa planting churches, building schools and establishing medical clinics, Chris knows all too well the plight and needs of the African people.
He heard their cry and answered God’s call. In the last 18 years, since forming Cita Ministries in 1998, Chris has led 100 plus crusades in Africa where more than 200,000 precious people have given their life to the Lord.
Before forming Cita Ministries, Franz earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Biblical Theology from Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium. After finishing his theological education, he began work in 1993 as an assistant pastor in Germany.  In 1996, he became senior pastor of the Free Pentecostal Church in Buermoos, Austria. Three years later, he began his full-time crusade ministry and moved to Kenya.
Now, Chris and his wife Simone have three beautiful daughters and live in Sanford, Florida.